Atlanta Challenge: Early Check-In, Side Events & More Updates

Attending the Atlanta challenge? We got multiple updates for Early Check-In, Side Events, Floorplan and more!

The information below is a compilation of everything that you need to know from the PPG Event page and its various links for your easy reference.

Early Check-In

Early Check-In will be commencing this Friday (May, 24th) for the Atlanta challenge from 5-8pm, and you definitely want to check in-early for that sweet Flotsam and Jetsam event promo.

Here’s a video made by PPG with instructions on how to check in!

If you prefer images, here are the key images you need to take note for how to pick up your badge and check-in.

There are 2 halls that players will need to access, and you will want to start at hall A of the Georgia World Congress Center, where you will first do your badge pickup.

At Hall A, if you enter from the entrance at Omni hotel, you will be right at the line for collecting your badge. After collecting the badge, you can head directly towards hall B.

This is the view you should see after you exit hall A towards hall B, where your check-in can be done.

Do note that the MomoCon will be held from Friday onwards through the weekend, and there will be MomoCon security around this area where they are also having their badge collection. They will ensure you do not accidentally enter the MomoCon event.

Event Schedule

Tournament DateTimeActivity
Friday, May 24th5:00 PMEarly Badge Pick Up & Check-In Begins
8:00 PMEarly Badge Pick Up & Check-In Ends
Saturday, May 25th7:00 AMHall B1 Doors Open
7:00 AMLate Badge Pick Up & Check-In Begins
8:30 AMLate Check-In Ends
9:00 AMPlayer Meeting
9:30 AMOpening Remarks
9:30 AMSide Events Registration Begins
10:30 AMSide Events Begin
TBDRound 3 Dragon Fire Promo Distribution
TBDRound 3 Ends – Lunch Break Begins
TBDRound 4 Begins – Lunch Break Ends
6:00 PMBadge Pickup Closes
8:30 PMDoors Close
Sunday, May 26th7:30 AMDoors Open
8:00 AMBadge Pickup Opens
8:30 AMTop Cut Competitors Due on Site
9:00 AMSide Event Registration Opens
10:00 AMSide Events Begin
4:00 PMBadge Pickup Closes
7:45 PMPrize Wall Closes
8:00 PMHall Closes


A floor plan for the venue is available here with a fully prepared event floorplan.

There will be free play areas, space for you to check out stuff from vendors, a place to ogle the tournament prizes, and of course, the prize wall for side events!

Side Events

Side events for Atlanta has been updated to Melee, where the full list can be found here.

A variety of events are available, ranging from starter / sealed deck events to constructed deck events. Multiplayer events and even Villainous will be available!

Aside from Multiplayer events, most side events involve 3 Swiss rounds and decklists will not be required for the events. Registration will open 1 hour and close 15 minutes before the side events commence.

Entry fees range from $12 to $45, with prize tickets given to all players! This is the typical prize payout for the various single player side events.

Prize Payout

  • Participation: 2 Prize Tix
  • 3-0 – 7 Additional Prize Tix
  • 2-1 – 4 Additional Prize Tix
  • 1-2 – 2 Additional Prize Tix

Prizes distributed each round:

  • Additional Prize Tix to each player for participating (awarded at the start of Round 1)
  • Additional Prize Tix to the winner of each match
  • Players that receive a bye should collect their prize from their judge.

Side event prizes do vary for the multiplayer events and the Villainous board game events, so make sure to check through the individual side event pages on Melee for more details.

Currently it is still unannounced how many tickets will be required for the prize wall prizes, but fantastic prizes are available such as Challenge Exclusive promo cards, playmats, merch and more! More details can be found on our prize wall post here.

Frequently Asked Questions

A full event FAQ has been provided by PPG, but here are the questions that you should definitely note. If you have even more questions, check out the full FAQ!


Please use as a travel guide for parking/transportation. We highly recommend using a rideshare app like Uber or Lyft to avoid potential parking congestion, with the instruction of Building A drop off (where badge pickup will occur) or Building B drop off (where the Event Hall B1 will be).

Can I buy and sell from other people at the event? 

At DLC Series venues, Illumineers are prohibited from engaging in buying or selling transactions with each other. Buying and selling can only be done with the certified vendors in the vendor area. Violating this rule may result in penalties, including disqualification and expulsion from the event. This restriction applies to all items, not just cards or gaming supplies.

Trading is limited to Disney Lorcana related items such as cards, playmats, pins, dice, etc – attendees are not permitted to bring other merchandise or items for trading purposes. 

Exploitative trading practices, particularly targeting inexperienced or young attendees for highly imbalanced trades, will not be tolerated. Engaging in such practices may result in removal from the venue and additional penalties. The Tournament Organizer reserves the right to impose limits on the number of spaces or items that attendees can bring into the venue for trading purposes.

Attendees are also prohibited from soliciting business or distributing flyers while at the venue.

Where can I get food and drinks during the tournament? 

There will be food and drinks available either from an onsite vendor or one near the venue. If there is no food available in the event hall, a lunch break will be scheduled into the tournament and announced at the start of the event. Consumption of food or beverages at tournament tables, including between rounds, is not allowed. However, participants may have water or similar beverages with lids, which must be kept off the table.

Electronic Devices
  • Calculators can be utilized to aid in Lore Point calculation but should not be the exclusive method for tracking Lore Points.
  • Smartphones are permitted solely for accessing functions during a Match; usage for texting, calling, internet browsing, file viewing, etc., is prohibited.
  • Smart watches or similar devices capable of messaging must have messaging features disabled throughout a Match.
  • The use of other electronic devices during a Match is prohibited.
  • Participants with a medical requirement for an electronic device other than a calculator should consult the Head Judge before the tournament begins.
  • Wearing headphones or earbuds during a Match is not allowed.
  • The use of electronic or vapor cigarettes is strictly prohibited on the tournament floor during all Sanctioned/Official events and in designated areas for tournament attendees.

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