Mushu Report | Lemon Lime Mufasa | CM Games Cedar Bluff 2k

Submitter NameMushu Report
Event Information Url
Deck NameLemon Lime Mufasa
Deck OwnerNathan Trippe
Tournament NameCM Games Cedar Bluff 2k
PlacementTop 4 Split
Number Of Participants29
Tournament Date2024-02-24
FormatCore Constructed

Lemon Lime Mufasa - CM Games Cedar Bluff 2k (Top 4 Split)

By Nathan Trippe

Image Card Name Card Cost Card Type Qty
Pluto – Friendly Pooch1Character4
The Queen – Regal Monarch1Character2
Piglet – Pooh Pirate Captain2Character4
Ursula – Deceiver2Character2
Pain – Underworld Imp2Character3
Pongo – Determined Father3Character3
Doc – Leader of the Seven Dwarfs3Character4
Kit Cloudkicker – Tough Guy3Character2
Panic – Underworld Imp3Character3
Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing4Character2
Tinker Bell – Most Helpful4Character3
The Queen – Commanding Presence5Character3
Mufasa – Betrayed Leader5Character4
Ray – Easygoing Firefly5Character3
Perdita – Devoted Mother6Character2
Genie – On the Job6Character3
Stitch – Carefree Surfer7Character4
Pluto – Determined Defender7Character3
Dr. Facilier – Fortune Teller7Character2
Chernabog – Evildoer10Character2
The Bare Necessities2Song2
Total: 60 Cards