Mushu Report | Items | PAX Unplugged Constructed

Submitter NameMushu Report
Event Information Url
Deck NameItems
Deck OwnerToby Natale
Tournament NamePAX Unplugged Constructed
PlacementTop 8
Number Of Participants62
Tournament Date2023-12-02
FormatCore Constructed

Items - PAX Unplugged Constructed (Top 8)

By Toby Natale

Image Card Name Card Cost Card Type Qty
Mickey Mouse – Detective3Character4
Judy Hopps – Optimistic Officer3Character3
Belle – Strange but Special4Character4
Hiram Flaversham – Toymaker4Character4
Nick Wilde – Wily Fox4Character3
Maui – Hero to All5Character3
Lady Tremaine – Imperious Queen6Character2
Scar – Vicious Cheater7Character1
Hades – Infernal Schemer7Character3
Tamatoa – So Shiny!8Character3
Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon9Character4
Develop Your Brain1Action3
One Jump Ahead2Action4
Let It Go5Action1
Teeth and Ambitions2Song3
Be Prepared7Song4
Shield of Virtue1Item2
Scepter of Arendelle1Item2
Fishbone Quill3Item3
Total: 60 Cards