Mushu Report | Emerald / Steel | The Goat – Capre e Principesse

Submitter NameMushu Report
Event Information Url
Deck NameEmerald / Steel
Deck OwnerThomas Conway
Tournament NameThe Goat - Capre e Principesse
PlacementTop 8
Number Of Participants163
Tournament Date2023-12-23
FormatCore Constructed

Emerald / Steel - The Goat - Capre e Principesse (Top 8)

By Thomas Conway

Image Card Name Card Cost Card Type Qty
Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist1Character3
Jafar – Royal Vizier2Character4
Prince Eric – Dashing and Brave2Character4
Prince John – Greediest of All3Character4
Benja – Guardian of the Dragon Gem3Character3
Tinker Bell – Tiny Tactician3Character3
Daisy Duck – Secret Agent4Character4
Tinker Bell – Most Helpful4Character2
Hans – Thirteenth in Line4Character4
Lucifer – Cunning Cat5Character3
Beast – Tragic Hero5Character3
Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy6Character4
Sudden Chill2Action4
Ring the Bell3Action2
Grab Your Sword5Song3
Beast’s Mirror2Item2
Total: 60 Cards