Mushu Report | Emerald / Steel | Lorcana HQ Constructed Tournament (Aug 2023)

Submitter NameMushu Report
Event Information Url
Deck NameEmerald / Steel
Deck OwnerMebibyte
Tournament NameLorcana HQ Constructed Tournament (Aug 2023)
Tournament Date2023-08-09
PlacementTop 4
Number Of Participants45
FormatCore Constructed

Emerald / Steel - Lorcana HQ Constructed Tournament (Aug 2023) (Top 4)

By Mebibyte

Image Card Name Qty
Simba – Future King4
Duke of Weselton – Opportunistic Official3
Flynn Rider – Charming Rogue4
Tinker Bell – Tiny Tactician3
Cheshire Cat – Not All There4
Kristoff – Official Ice Master4
Hans – Scheming Prince4
Hans – Thirteenth in Line3
Tinker Bell – Most Helpful4
Kuzco – Temperamental Emperor4
Mad Hatter – Gracious Host4
Genie – On the Job2
Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy4
Mother Gothel – Selfish Manipulator2
Mother Knows Best3
A Whole New World4
Beast’s Mirror4
Total: 60 Cards