Double Midnight Comics | SteelSong | DMC SNHU Double Midnight Madness

Submitter NameDouble Midnight Comics
Tournament NameDMC SNHU Double Midnight Madness
Tournament Date2024-03-30
Number Of Participants25
PlacementTop 8
Deck OwnerColton McCarthy
Deck NameSteelSong
FormatCore Constructed

SteelSong - DMC SNHU Double Midnight Madness (Top 8)

By Colton McCarthy

Image Card Name Card Cost Card Type Qty
Cinderella – Ballroom Sensation1Character4
The Queen – Regal Monarch1Character4
Robin Hood – Beloved Outlaw1Character3
Mr. Smee – Bumbling Mate2Character4
Robin Hood – Capable Fighter2Character2
Ariel – Spectacular Singer3Character4
Benja – Guardian of the Dragon Gem3Character3
Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing4Character2
The Queen – Commanding Presence5Character4
Robin Hood – Champion of Sherwood5Character4
Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy6Character2
Cinderella – Stouthearted7Character2
The Bare Necessities2Song3
Let the Storm Rage On3Song3
Strength of a Raging Fire3Song3
And Then Along Came Zeus4Song4
A Whole New World5Song4
Grab Your Sword5Song3
Sleepy’s Flute2Item4
Total: 62 Cards