Double Midnight Comics | BlueSteel | DMC SNHU Double Midnight Madness

Submitter NameDouble Midnight Comics
Deck OwnerJeff Egitto
Deck NameBlueSteel
Tournament NameDMC SNHU Double Midnight Madness
PlacementTop 4 Split
Number Of Participants25
Tournament Date2024-03-30
FormatCore Constructed

BlueSteel - DMC SNHU Double Midnight Madness (Top 4 Split)

By Jeff Egitto

Image Card Name Card Cost Card Type Qty
Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist1Character3
Mr. Smee – Bumbling Mate2Character4
Mickey Mouse – Detective3Character3
Benja – Guardian of the Dragon Gem3Character2
Hiram Flaversham – Toymaker4Character3
Cogsworth – Grandfather Clock5Character4
Beast – Hardheaded5Character3
Gaston – Intellectual Powerhouse6Character3
Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy6Character4
Develop Your Brain1Action3
Fire the Cannons!1Action1
Rise of the Titans3Action2
Let It Go5Action1
And Then Along Came Zeus4Song2
A Whole New World5Song4
Grab Your Sword5Song3
Fishbone Quill3Item4
Lucky Dime7Item2
McDuck Manor – Scrooge’s Mansion4Location4
Total: 60 Cards